Forget that projection about TMNT doing close to $35 million or even cracking $30 million — it’s being projected to earn $27,492,000. (Obviously not a shortfall, but the guy who projected a possible $35 million take was feeling his oats.) 300, a Hollywood Armageddon movie that too many people are refusing to hate, will come in second with $19,352,000, off 41% from last weekend. And the third-place Wild Hogs will earn $14,328,000, off 25% from the previous round.

Shooter will come in fourth with about $13,682,000. The Hills Have Eyes 2 is next with $10,131,000. The fact that (a) we live in a sophisticated moviegoing society and (b) that Sandra Bullock fans live in a very myopic and diseased world of their own are two reasons why the unquestionably bad Premonition, in its second weekend, is expected to make a little more $2 million more than Reign Over Me, or roughly $9,494,000.

Even The Last Fucking Mimzy did better than Reign, with a weekend gross of $8,977,000.

Reign Over Me wasn’t shunned, but it will nonetheless finish in eighth place with about $7.611,000, which means if it holds decently it may end up with a little more than $20 million.

This being a very busy weekend is one reason why Pride, a not-bad competitive swimming movie with Terence Howard and Bernie Mac, tanked with only $3,719,000. Dead Silence did slightly worse with a tenth-place showing of $3,522,000.