Last Thursday’s tracking got it wrong. Disturbia hasn’t been neck-and-necking (or slightly edging out) Perfect Strangers — it has left that poorly reviewed Bruce Willis-Halle Berry drama in the dust. Disturbia is being projected to do $24,131,000 (2925 theatres, $8200 a print) by Sunday night, while Perfect Stranger will come in fourth with roughly $11,163,000, at $4000 a print.

Blades of Glory will be #2 with $15,442,000, and Meet The Robinsons will be in third place with $12,447,000. Are We Done Yet — the fact that this complete piece-of-shit comedy did $15 million last weekend says something about the taste buds and guillibility of mainstream auds — will come in fifth with $8,801,000. Wild Hogs is sixth with $4,708,000. Redline will be seventh with $4,604,000. Pathfinder will rank eighth with $4,500,000. The Reaping will come in ninth with $4,477,000, and 300 will be tenth with $4,327,000.

Grindhouse,, off 65%, with come in with $4,036,000. The Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez film is down to $1500 a print, and will start losing theatres next week. The rumble says it cost over $60 million (closer to $70 million, some say) before marketing, and it may end up with $23 or $24 million before petering out — the cume is $19,496,000.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters will make around $3,626,000, and Slow Burn will take in $800,008,000 — $600 a theatre in 1100 theatres.