The Simpsons Movie made $28,689,000 last night and is looking at a projected $72,102,000 for the weekend. The tracking projected only $30 to $40 million, but this often happens with kid movies. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry will come in second with $19,291,000….off 44%. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix will earn $16,151,00 by Sunday night — off 60%, at $240 million now, probably won’t reach $300 million. Hairspray, off 44% from last weekend’s opener, will make $15,402,000.
Transformers — $10,965,000, now at $284 millon, will crest $300 million. No Reservations will make $10,937,000, or about $4500 a print in 2400 theatres…dead. Ratatouille will earn $6,848,000 — now at $179,000,000, looking at a strong push to make $200 million. Live Free or Die Hard — $4,905,000, now at $125 million. I Know Who Killed Me — $3,620,000 projected by Sunday night. Who’s Your Caddy?— $2,965,000.
Moliere died…$28,000…a little over $4000 a print. Arctic Tale is dead also — $17,000, four theatres, $4300 a print, $24,000 cume. Evan Almighty‘s cume is at $96 million..trying to hang onto theatres so it can clear $100 million. Sicko did another millon this week…$21.3 million so far, $1200 a print. Indie films are getting killed this year. All these equity funds…it’s a glut…most of the upcoming indie pics are going to get hurt or die, and it’s going to get worse.