Borat‘s Sunday-night total will be just north of $25,000,000…maybe a bit higher when all is said and done. (It did $9,546,000 last night.) Flushed Away and The Santa Clause 3 will come in at #2 and #3 — the former, off 15%, is projected to hit $15,918,000, and the latter, off 19%, will end up with close to $15,715,000.
The fourth-place Stranger Than Fiction will have an okay $14,576,000 by Sunday night with $6490 a print. (Nothing to frown about, but hold the champagne.) Saw III will be fifth with $6.046,000. Sixth-place Babel is doing fine in the blue cities but is being viewed as a hard sell in red America — in 1200 situations it’ll have a Sunday- night cume of $5,029,000, or $4020 per print.
The Return will have a Sunday-evening tally of $4,871,000, or $2460 a print. The Prestige will have $4,677,000 for a so-far cume of $46 million. (A mezzo-mezzzo hit — obviously heading toward $50 million but well shy of heavyweight status.) The Departed will end up with $4,663,000 for a total cume of $109,202,000. And A Good Year, the Russell Crowe south-of-France reverie, is a stiff — $3,652,000 or $1700 a print.
Clint Eastwood‘s Flags of Our Fathers , which lost 400 theatres, will end up with $2,717,000 for the weekend, or $1700 a print — obviously dying on the vine with a so-far cume of about $30,856,000.
The Queen, still playing limited, will end up with $2,455,000. David Ayer‘s Harsh Times is a fizzle — $1,926,000 for the weekend at a little over $2000 a print. Copy- ing Beethoven, the Ed Harris movie playing in about 26 theatres, wil end up with $68,000 or $2600 a print — dead.