Pirates 2 did just shy of $44 million on Saturday. Add that to Friday’s increased estimate of $55 million (that $52.8 million estimate I ran yesterday has since been adjusted) and you’re looking at just under $100 million after two full days. What will happen today (Sunday, 7.9)? The ballpark figure will almost certainly be somewhere between $35 and $40 million (Sundays are always a bit weaker than Saturdays) so the three-day total…well, do the math. (The other guys are predicting $32 million and change.) Superman Returns took in a piddly $8.4 million yesterday, and is expected to wind up with about $22,800,000 by late tonight. Next week it’ll wind up with $13 or $14 million and that’ll be that. (But watch the IMAX screenings hang in there.) The Devil Wears Prada is expected to end up with about $15,069,000 by late tonight. And you don’t care that much about the rest.