Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone is arriving at the Savannah Film Festival tomorrow. She told me a day or two ago that she heard it might be “cold.” (When women say “cold,” they mean cool, brisk, sweater weather, etc.) Well, I got here about two hours ago and it’s almost like Palm Beach — it’s T-shirt weather, a bit warmer than Los Angeles.

I arrived at the Marshall House, the festival’s nerve center, around 9:15 or so, and right away I got into it with the staff about my midget-sized room, but that issue’s resolved now…or at least for the time being.

They tried to put me in a room the size of janitor’s closet. “Fellas, I have to have a desk and a chair,” I said. “That’s why the festival brought me here. To write and file and run photos of the festival from my computer, so I really do need a desk. Really.” It took a little time to get this point across (they hemmed, they hawed, they side-stepped), but they finally relented and gave me a room with a desk. Thank you.

Marshall House, 123 East Broughton Street, Savannah.

Houston airport during the three-hour wait for the Houston-to-Svannah plane — 10.28, 6:25 pm.