A couple of hours ago writer for hire, critic and feminist Monica Castillo tweeted that her mom “chose Roma for tonight’s movie, so we’re finally watching it together.” Cool, but the screen shot she posted shows what appears to be a natural color image. So Roma is somehow being streamed in color by some entity…?

Five years ago Nebraska director Alexander Payne told Variety that he was “contractually obliged” to deliver a color version of Nebraska so Paramount wouldn’t lose money on certain markets that have color-only stipulations.

A full-color Roma is obviously not what Alfonso Cuaron prefers to show, but I have to admit my curiosity is aroused. I wouldn’t mind seeing a color version if one was available. I’ve seen the b & w version four times now. My eyes want what they want.

12.26, 10 am update: A journalist friend informs that following an interview with Cuaron he “point-blank asked if he had a color version of Roma, like Alexander Payne was forced to do with Nebraska for certain territories.” Journo pally “pointed out that Payne’s leaked out and wound up on EPIX much to his dismay. Cuaron 100% dismissed this, was horrified, and said absolutely NO color version of Roma exists or ever will. End of story.”

Maybe so but Castillo’s image sure fooled me.