People, Places, Things is another schlumpies & dumpies relationship movie. Jemaine Clement simply isn’t sexy or good looking enough to have a dishy wife. He’s nice enough looking but just not attractive enough for the likes of her…sorry. Guys like him get married to moderately fetching, not-very-hot women as a rule. And look at the fat guy Clement’s wife is cheating with! He’s the slightly younger cousin of Harry Knowles. Lardy guys get lucky from time to time, I suppose, but the natural order and pattern of things seems to argue against this. Would an exceptionally pretty wife cheat on her clever, dweeby, ten-day-beardo husband with a guy who could play Santa Claus without a pillow stuffed under his T-shirt? We’re living in the Twilight Zone. The director is James C. Strouse, whom I’ll bet is no Cary Grant himself.

“Hey, look at that red-haired guy with the pot belly! I’m feeling an urge to cheat on my husband, and the instant I saw this fat guy I said to myself, ‘Now there‘s someone worth destroying a marriage for!’ I mean, he looks like Sam Kinison!”