Saw The Aristocrats (ThinkFilm, 7.29) for the second time last night (the first viewing was at Sundance), and it was no less fascinating, subversive or howlingly funny. Take your mother to see this film! Here’s a link to my five month old “Wallow In It” Sundance review (scroll down a ways) and here’s the trailer. My favorite highlights, in this order, are (a) Kevin Pollak doing Chris Walken telling the Aristocrats joke (“It’s…crazy!”); (b) Gilbert Gottfried doing the joke just after 9.11 at a Manhattan Friar’s Club roast (also a bit in which Gottfried explains why a certain sexual act involving people of a certain age would most likely result in a certain anatomical reaction); (c) Martin Mull telling the old anthropologist/kiki joke but using the Aristocrats as a substitute; d) Andy Dick explaining what the rusty trombone is; (e) Pat Cooper’s rendition involving a woman giving birth to a Shetland pony; and (g) the joke told by the little South Park guys (this is Jett’s favorite).