Anyone in a marriage or a romantic relationship knows you don’t air your messy feelings in public, much less at in front of rich industry peers. Keep it at home or in the car. But Kid Rock (i.e., Bob Richie ) doesn’t get this, or didn’t, in any event, at a party he and wife Pamela Anderson attended at the home of Universal honcho Ron Meyer a couple weeks ago, at which time his “male insecurity and major anger issues” erupted over Pamela’s bit on Borat.
A “Page Six” source says this viewing “was the first time Bob had seen the movie, and, well, he didn’t like it.” He allegedly “started screaming” — girl talk for using a forceful, urgent tone — “at Pam, saying she had humiliated herself and telling her, ‘You’re nothing but a whore! You’re a slut! How could you do that movie?’ [All] in front of everyone. It was very embarrassing.” The result, says the story, is that Anderson and Richie have reportedly parted ways. Because he couldn’t contain his asshole-ishness.
Wait a minute…Borat‘s been done and screening since early last summer and Kid Rock only just gets around to seeing it two weeks ago? In mid November? What a lazy, armpit-scratching, self-centered piece of three-day-old cheddar cheese this guy must be. I think it’s also fair to remind ourselves that Ms. Anderson can really pick ’em. Face it, she’s trash herself — a metaphor for the ongoing social devolution.