I was and am a huge fan of James Cameron‘s Avatar, but for some reason I’ve never watched the Bluray version that I own. Possibly because I’m sated from having seen it four times theatrically or maybe because I’ve done that and enough already. But I’m up for a sequel in 2016, sure. If you want to be craven about it I guess I could roll with a trilogy, even. But three sequels for a grand total of four? Cameron has spoken to Slashfilm’s Germain Lussler about the writing process that yielded three Cameron-approved scripts, but really, man, c’mon…this is milking the cow beyond the point of tolerance. Mine, anyway. Not to mention Pandora: The Land of Avatar experience at Disney World plus any other commercial exploitations that are being cooked up as we speak. It feels greedy. I’m sure 20th Century Fox stockholders are delighted, but it seems as if Cameron is counting on exploiting the loyalty of Avatar fans a little too much. I know he’s a hardcore quality guy but on some level I feel like Kirk Douglas inside his gladiator cell as he looks through the overhead bars at a chuckling Peter Ustinov and Charles McGraw and yells, “I’m not an animal!” The three films will open in December in 2016, 2017 and 2018.