Hollywood Interrupted‘s Mark Ebner sent along a URL with a group of what appear to be Scientology-produced video propaganda spots, four of which feature Tom Cruise. Most entertainment journalists look the other way at the whole Cruise/Scientology thing, and I suppose I’m one of them. But watch these spots and tell me what kind of vibe you get from them. Tell me they don’t creep you out.
The site‘s password is 2004event
There is an unmistakably robotic and strident tone to these pieces. Particularly in the copy read by the narrator, whose belligerent huckster voice makes him sound like a fiend out of 1984. (It reminds me of the voice of the “leader” in that Twilight Zone episode called “The Eye of the Beholder.”) It’s genuinely unnerving. This piece in particular, which barks about how Cruise paid more attention to Ground Zero air quality in the wake of 9.11 than New York authorities, speaks for itself.