Deadline‘s Nikki Finke has not, in my mind, broken the news about Larry Crowne being a 4th of July shortfaller. She’s reporting today that tracking is indicating a mere $14 to $15 million tally for the four-day holiday weekend (i.e., from today through Monday evening) when it “should be” at least $20 million.

But Glenn Kenny, you see, put this out last night at 10:15 pm when he wrote that Crowne costars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts “will, in less than 48 hours, be chastised by the usual suspects for an inability to put butts in seats.” I think we all know what the tea leaves say.

Saturday, 7.2 Update: Variety‘s Michael Sullivan reports that Crowne earned $4.043 million from 2,973 engagements on Friday, which is roughly in line with Finke’s projection.