Yesterday I found this photo of the cast and crew of The Night of the Hunter. Principal photography began on 8.15.54 and ended on 10.7.54 -- 36 days total. The photo was probably taken on the final day. (Where was Shelley Winters?) I had two reactions. One, I loved the tickled smiles worn by director Charles Laughton and lead actor Robert Mitchum. And two, I was taken aback by the white socks worn by the two kneeling crew guys. In an April 2020 piece called "Sound-Stage Fashion," I noted the dress code of the average below-the-line Hollywood sound-stage grunt in the mid '50s. The outfit consisted of (a) a checked short-sleeve sports shirt or long-sleeve business shirt, (b) a pair of baggy, pleated, hand-me-down business pants, and (c) brown or black lace-up shoes with white socks.