Late this afternoon I asked a manager of a nearby CVS if he’s trying to stop hoarding of toilet paper by forbidding bulk purchases. He said he’s been limiting customers to six rolls each for roughly a week now.

“The main concern, at least from my point of view, is corporate management,” he said. “They’re not hugely concerned about hoarding or rationing. All they know is that toilet paper is flying off the shelves, and that looks great on the books. In fact they’re cutting back on overhead to make the toilet-paper windfall look even better in the spring quarter and thereby increase their bonuses.”

The upside of this mess is that West Hollywood traffic is maybe 15% or 20% of what it usually is. It reminds me of the traffic levels in the below Sunset Strip video, which was taken in the summer of ’64.

The video of customers waiting to get into WeHo Pavilions (Santa Monica Blvd. and Robertson) was taken around 7 pm.