Film critic and “I Wake Up Screening” author Jon Anderson (second from left), Hollywood Reporter columnist Anne Thompson and daughter Nora Thompson-Chute at a “Filmmaker’s Diner” at Cutter’s (2001 Western Avenue) — Thursday, 6.15.06, 7:05 pm.

(a) Westward view from Seattle’s Western Avenue — Thursday, 6.15.06, 5:45 pm; (b) The Seattle Film Festival has it all over Cinevegas in at least one respect, which is that the W Hotel rooms offer a DVD player and widescreen TV and the festival staff lets you borrow festival films on DVD; (c) (l. to r.) Arlene Wszalek, associate producer of Who is Harry Nillson (and Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him?)“, Nilsson director-writer producer John Scheinfeld , Meghan Wurtz of filmmovement, “I Wake Up Screening” author and film critic Jon Anderson at Cutter’s — Thursday, 6.15.06, 7:07 pm; (d) facing south on Western — — Thursday, 6.15.06, 5:40 pm; (e) Walked all over trying to find a laundromat this morning — forget it; (f) Lobby of Seattle’s W Hotel; (g) Seattle’s public market area; (h) Local papers and a cup of mud — Friday, 6.16.06, 9:25 am; (i) 5th Avenue near Pine (or was it Pike?) — Friday, 6.16.06, 10:05 am; (j) looking out on Seneca (from W Hotel room — Friday, 6.16.06, 8:55 am.