23 and 1/3 years ago David Mamet‘s Oleanna, a filmed version of his 1992 stage play, opened theatrically. A guarded relationship between a married university professor and one of his female students, who accuses him in Act Two of sexual exploitation and thereby ruins his chances of being accorded tenure.

Now comes Richard Levine‘s Submission, about another married college professor (Stanley Tucci) whose life turns into a raging sea when he’s accused of engaging in inappropriate behavior with a female student (Addison Timlin). Pic is based on “Blue Angel“, a 2006 novel by Francine Prose.

From Stephen Farber’s 6.25.17 Hollywood Reporter review: “Despite many script problems, Levine has kept the film tightly coiled and engrossing throughout. [And] the best performance comes from Kyra Sedgwick, who, as Tucci’s wife, conveys intelligence, sensuality and just the right dose of moral outrage. Her big scene, when she learns of Ted’s adultery and lashes out scathingly, ranks alongside two of the other great scenes of fury expressed by deceived wives: a monologue by Beatrice Straight in Network and another by Miranda Richardson in Damage.”

Submission will open in New York City on 3.2, and in Los Angeles and other markets on 3.9.