There’s a new coffee-table book called Edie: Factory Girl (VH1 Books) . It’s mainly filled with — surprise! — photos of Edie Sedgwick as well as some relatively recent ones of Sienna Miller portraying Sedgwick during filming of George Hickenlooper‘s Factory Girl (Weinstein Co., 12.29).

The photos were all taken by Nat Finkelstein, a notorious Warhol photographer — a character — who knew Edie better than fairly well; the text is by David Dalton, who began working as an assistant to Andy Warhol, Sedgwick’s media promoter and benefactor until he cast her aside, when he was still in his teens.
I don’t know who wrote the following promo copy, but it reads well: “She was riveting to look at, a sprite of the zeitgeist, the living distillation of the over-amped vision of New York in the mid ’60s. Like many exotic creatures that Andy Warhol shed his light on, she initially bloomed — became the symbol for all that was hip and stylish — and just as quickly began to disintegrate.
“Told with unsparing candor and with candid images that capture her at the peak of her Factory stardom, Edie Factory Girl is the short but enduring cultural story of Edie Sedgwick — releasing in time for the film.”