I guess I’ll have to pay to see Wreck-It Ralph tomorrow. I’ve heard too many good things from too many knowledgable people. It’s the #1 movie this weekend with an expected $48 million by Sunday night. A friend said it might not be “all that Academy-friendly,” but let’s see how it pans out. Flight, in 2nd place, will make about half of Ralph‘s money, or a projected $23 million.

I remember now — Mr. Potter! Right? I refuse to check online. Memory or nothing.A fair number of people have seen Flight by now so how does it measure up? Please try and specifically respond to the following paragraph, which I posted on 10.31:

“All drunks have the same choice, and all movies about drunks tell roughly the same story. Should they keep drinking and come sooner or later to a bad end, or do they man up and accept that they have a problem and do something about it? But Denzel Washington‘s alcoholic has three choices. Keep drinking and doing lines. Openly admit that he not only has a problem but was drunk and buzzed on cocaine when he saved all those lives. Or lie his way out of any possible fines, severance and prison time and then admit he has a problem and do something about it.

“[So] there’s no good way out for Whip Whitaker, and most of the time people want their lead characters to do something that they themselves could live with, or at least could accept. We’ll see what happens.”