I’ve agreed to submit to a kind of monk-like withdrawal from the hurly burly for three days — Tuesday, 5.29 through Thursday, June 1. Never mind why. Suffice that while I’ve had the occasional sluggish day since HE went hourly-daily in April 2006, I’ve taken no days off during that time. So I’ll be mostly off the treadmill for these three days, but to keep things going I thought I’d offer HE readers a shot at running an essay or a review or any kind of rant or recollection or looking-forward piece — you name it as long as it has something to do with features or Blurays.

Just keep submissions to 1000 words or less, and please send photos to go along with the article, sized to 460 pixels wide. Send them to me today and tomorrow, and they’ll start posting on Tuesday. If you’re a journalist and want to double-post a new article on HE as well as your own site, fine — just make it special. Anyone can say anything except for LexG-type stuff about libidinal matters. And absolutely no rightwing pro-Romney stuff of any kind.

In fact, that’s a topic to write about. Now that the 2012 campaign is about to kick in to full gear I’m thinking it’s time for another Stalinist purge of all Duluoz Gray-like hammerhead rightwing contributors. I did this in ’08 as I just couldn’t stand providing a forum for conservative scum, and I would be able to stand it this year either. What does everyone think about this? Throw the bums out or let it ride?