The story about Dimension’s abandoning of All The Boys Love Mandy Lane was given to me an hour ago. The announcement obviously came a little late, but the film’s been bought for domestic distribution by Marco Weber‘s Senator Entertainment, Inc., a production and finance company based in Berlin and Los Angeles with an established relationship with Bob and Harvey. Dimension will handle the home video distribution. Okay, but what persuaded Dimension to sell Mandy Lane in the first place? Halitosis?
Mandy will be the first film that Senator will release in the U.S. It’s also financing/producing Fireflies in the Garden with Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, Julia Roberts and Emily Watson under director Dennis Lee, and is also on pre-production of The Informers, an adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis‘s book to be directed by Gregor Jordan (Buffalo Solders, Ned Kelly, Two Hands).