I wrote for two or three hours this morning (i.e., the Sgt. Pepper piece, half the action flick piece), did my interview with Long Strange Trip director Amir Bar Lev at the Smyth Hotel (Church and Chambers). I lunched with Jett in eastern Chinatown, and then roamed around a bit, looking for the right cafe or a Starbucks to settle into. I went to Will Leather Goods on Prince Street and asked them to repair my black leather computer bag. (They never charge for repairs — always stand by their stuff.) I eventually parked it at a Starbucks on Spring and Crosby. This evening I’ll be seeing Obit at the Film Forum.



Cigar bar on 56th Street between 8th and Seventh Aves. — right behind Carnegie Hall.


In Russia, May 9th is Victory Day — commemorating the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in the “Great Patriotic War” (i.e., World War II).


Hollywood Elsewhere work station (Perrier bottle) at Spring Street Starbucks — Tuesday, 5.9, 4:15 pm.