I’m really going to miss the general spirit, personality and vibe of Barack and Michelle Obama. They are the Kennedys of our era, and the idea of an older, grayer, Lyndon B. Johnson-type administration succeeding them…bummer. I’ll always love Bill Clinton, but I’m really, really not looking forward to eight years of that testy, snippy-mannered, baggy-eyed hag Hillary Clinton. I’ll have no alternative but to vote for her in 2016, of course, as she’ll be the only sane alternative to Jeb Bush or whatever ass-clown the Republicans nominate. But I don’t like her. Never have, never will. The only way I can handle the idea is to tell myself to grow up and forget about having a hip, likable, glamorous President and accept the notion of Clinton as the US of A’s Angela Merkel. I want Elizabeth Warren…please.