This morning a filmmaker who gambles wrote that he saw Uncut Gems last night, and that Adam Sandler‘s sports betting is inaccurate. “I just am shocked that Kevin Garnett would be in the film and that somehow the NBA allowed their footage to be used in the film,” he said. I asked him to concisely explain what’s wrong. Here’s his reply:

“The last bet Sandler makes is a three-way parlay. That means he makes three different bets, but they all have to happen for him to win. The good news is that if you win a three-way parlay you get paid six times your bet.

“However, in this particular parlay Sandler makes a ‘proposition’ bet. That means he is betting on the individual performance of a player (Garnett). The problem is that betters are never allowed to have proposition bets in the mix of a parlay.

“Casinos do not just smilingly give you over one million bucks, just like that. There is a long process that almost never includes cash. And there are tax forms and such to fill out.

“Finally, there is almost no such thing as a bookie who takes bets these days. Everything is online (outside of casinos). And the days of sending goons to beat people up is also anachronistic. This would have made more sense if the film was set in the mid 80s.”

Agreements or disputes from other gamblers?