I’m so many hours behind Vulture‘s Jack Black-trashes-Seth MacFarlane thing (posted at 9:15 am by Katie Van Syckle) that I’m almost embarassed to excerpt it now.

Van Syckle: “What do you think of Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars?”

Black: “Where did I see him? I saw him on Saturday Night Live. I thought he was serviceable. It might get tiring if he keeps on doing the voices from Family Guy. He might give that a rest. But I think he has legit comedy chops. The way you asked that question seems to suggest you are not a fan of his.”

Van Syckle: “No, I was just trying to ask it provocatively.”

Black: “Well, I should be against him. I should say he is going to fuck it up because he made fun of me one time on his show, and it made me really mad.”

Van Syckle: “On what show? Where did he make fun of you?

Black: “I don’t remember exactly, but it was basically pigeonholing who I am as saying that I am just a guy that relies on being really loud.”

Van Syckle: “But this film proves otherwise, right?”

Black: “Yeah, fuck him. I still haven’t seen the fuzzy-bear movie. Have you?”

Honestly? This puts Black’s Best Actor campaign on the map. It ups his visibility and makes him an urgent, necessary inclusion. Jack Black for Best Actor! Seriously! It takes balls of steel to dismiss a just-hired, officially approved Oscar host. This is why Black is cool. Plus he gives a great performance in Bernie. Watch the screener.