Mark Harris‘s Yahoo q & a with Lincoln director Steven Spielberg and star Daniel Day Lewis begins at 6:35 pm (Pacific) today. I’m not going to try and crash the 4pm screening, and I’ve given up trying to appeal to Disney publicity about attending tomorrow night’s DGA screening. They’re locked into a contrarian exclusion mode, and I can roll with that. I bought it and that’s that.

Either way and any way, the Lincoln buzz is out and circulating as we speak. A Best Picture nominee, for sure, but not a winner. A Daniel Day Lewis Best Actor nomination will happen, yes, but he won’t win. Tommy Lee Jones for Best Supporting Actor, and maybe Sally Field for Best Supporting Actress…fine. And John Williams‘ score doesn’t suffocate or overwhelm. Good for him.

Whatever I might say or write (or whatever Scott Feinberg or David Poland or Sasha Stone or Pete Hammond or Tom O’Neil or Kris Tapley will say or write) will have no effect. The fate of Lincoln is locked — unchangable, unswerving.