Ten days ago Blouin‘s Sam Gaskin posted an interview with highly respected cinematographer Christopher Doyle, who’s been known to occasionally raise a glass and share intemperate thoughts. The best part is Doyle ridiculing the Academy members who voted to give the Best Cinematography Oscar to Life of Pi‘s Claudio Miranda because, in Doyle’s view, Miranda’s work was so thoroughly CG’ed and manipulated in post that it doesn’t mean anything.

There’s also a mystifying portion in which Doyle ridicules Lincoln because…well, it’s vague. Something about the Lincoln worshippers being myopic and “fluffing” themselves.

Doyle on Miranda/Pi #1: “I’m trying to work out how to say this most politely, and no offense to — I don’t know [Miranda] personally — but what a total fucking piece of shit. Let me be blunt. Ah, fuck. I don’t care, I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy and I’m sure he cares so much, but since 97 per cent of the film is not under his control, what the fuck are you talking about cinematography, sorry. I’m sorry. I have to be blunt and I don’t care, you can write it. I think it’s a fucking insult to cinematography. I’m sure [Miranda is] a wonderful person, I’m sure he cares so much. But what it says to the real world is it’s all about us, we have the money, we put the money in, and we control the image. And I say fuck you, wankers. Are you fucking kidding? That’s not cinematography. That’s control of the image by the powers that be, by the people that want to control the whole system because they’re all accounts. You’ve lost cinema. This is not cinema and it’s not cinematography. It’s not cinematography.”

Doyle on Miranda/Pi #2: “If somebody manipulated my image that much, I wouldn’t even turn up {to accept the Oscar]. Because sorry, cinematography? Really?”

Doyle on Miranda/Pi #3: “It’s not a strange choice if you understand how fucked up people are and how lost they are. You bail out your bankers, support your rich people, you say Spielberg and Tarantino are the gods of cinema. Hey, good luck.”

So Gaskin posted ten days ago and then Indiewire‘s Kevin Jagernauth posted yesterday morning and here I am re-posting, the caboose on the train and last guy in the world to take notice…terrific.