An industry friend who’s spoken to a couple of attorneys about Michael Egan‘s sex-abuse lawsuit against X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has been told that the case is weak or, to put it more bluntly, “shit.” The 15-year delay in filing. Egan’s 2000 lawsuit that didn’t mention Singer. Singer’s contention that he was absorbed in pre-production in Toronto in the early fall of 1999, which is when the alleged abuse happened in Oahu at the Mitchell resort. Not to mention the ability of Singer and his attorney Marty Singer to spend their opponents to death with delays and motions and whatnot. Not to mention attorney Singer’s announced intention to countersue.

My friend suspects that the reason Egan’s attorney Jeff Herman staged a press conference two days ago (i.e., Thursday) was that he was looking to “shake the tree” in hopes of getting “more plaintiffs” — i.e., twinks who may or may not have “been” with Singer under similar circumstances — to come forward. Egan joined by a fresh twink means a stronger case against Singer; Egan plus two or three twinks means an even stronger case, and so on. Herman said Thursday that Egan’s lawsuit is the first of several that will be released next week in hopes of ending “pedophile rings” he said exist in Hollywood. “Hollywood’s got a problem,” he said at the press conference. “Since filing this lawsuit yesterday, I’ve heard from many people who allege that as children in Hollywood, they’ve been abused.”