Part Two of John McElwee’s Greenbriar Pictureshow piece on “The Shane Showdown” appeared this morning. The conclusion reads as follows:

“I understand now that Woody Allen has spoken to the Shane matter in a letter to Hollywood Elsewhere‘s Jeffrey Wells, the latter crusading for several weeks in favor of the film’s Bluray release in full-frame. Greenbriar is in agreement with Mr. Wells, as well as archivists Bob Furmanek and Robert Harris. The latter two are also on record for Shane in 1.37, and have done research to back their positions. Furmanek and Harris are lifelong historians and gilt-edged reliable.

“My own past with Shane amounts to stills/ad art collected, and a banged-up 16mm syndication print treasured from summer 1975 for being IB Technicolor, making its wear and splices tolerable. I would sure have hated losing blue skies from that, and like it or no, sky is part (but only part) of what we will lose if Shane goes out in cropped format. Given that outcome, lots will be crying “Come Back, Shane!” to discarded DVD, laser-discs, VHS, and for myself, that worn 16mm having rode off years ago to a collector who’s luckier than I’ll be once this proposed Bluray comes out.”

Anyone looking to join me in picketing the 1.27 screening of the 1.66 Shane at the TCL Chinese at 6:30 pm needs to meet me at 5:30 pm at a soon-to-be-designated location. I will provide the picket signs. I will also see to whatever permit is required.