“Some of our greatest cinema challenges us to really confront our own hearts in the safety of that darkened theatre. That’s part of the purpose of filmmaking.” — quote from David Fincher and David Prior‘s Voir (Netflix, 12.6).

This trailer is an excellent exercise in movie impressionism. Congrats to Sasha Stone for managing to be a part of this thing, and for telling her Jaws story in a compelling way.

2021 Reality Check: Movies stopped challenging or even slipping into the hearts of filmgoers with any regularity a long time ago. The only current movies that even flirt with this aesthetic are King Richard, Cyrano, Pig, A Hero and one or two others. Voir is therefore a nostalgia flick to a certain extent. The dual purpose of 90% to 95% of movies is to (a) repeat and reenforce woke narratives and (b) enhance corporate revenue.

Voir is having its big AFI Fest on Saturday evening. I’m hoping to snag a Netflix press screener before long.