I’ve been frowning and sputtering in silence about the awful Tamron Hall, and I just can’t stand it any longer. I turned on MSNBC 45 minutes ago to see if they were responding to the Bayh bumper-sticker thing, and there she was anchoring the Beijing Olympics coverage and doing her usual perky, chirpy, giggly routine. Her chipmunk voice and glib manner of speaking reminds me of…I don’t know, a checkout girl at Target. I watch her and I say to myself, “Jesus God, could MSNBC have hired someone more vapid?” She’s been getting on my nerves for months.

She’s a regular Us magazine reader, for one thing. And my gut tells me she may be a closet conservative to boot. People who laugh like Daffy Duck and strut around with colorful body language and…you know, go “whoo-hoo!” and put lampshades on their heads are, I believe, blowing off steam because they lead strict, buttoned-down lifestyles and perhaps — who knows? — have guarded, buttoned-down philosophies.
Righties are like that — golly-gee and lots of laughter and rib-poking on the outside and yet sort of dark and creepy underneath. Lefties are a little bit looser, cooler and more measured.