Mo’Nique, I mean. The Precious mom-from-hell thought to be the leading contender for Best Supporting Actress. She’s done interviews but hasn’t strenuously “campaigned.” She’s told handlers she wants money to make promotional appearances. Her obstinacy led a publicist to resign after two weeks on the job. And now Scott Feinberg has provided a transcript of an 11.9 Mo’Nique Show discussion about the Oscar game that further conveys her “screw this Oscar stuff, what’s in it for me?” attitude.

Mo’Nique during taping of BET’s Mo’Nique Show.

You know what, Academy? Don’t give her the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. In fact, deny her a nomination and teach her a lesson. She doesn’t want to play the game and show the respect so, you know, give the Oscar to someone who really wants and values it. You didn’t really want to give an Oscar to someone for playing a cold-blooded Hannibal Godzilla daughter-killer anyway, right? Admit it — you had qualms.