A 5.23 tweet from Matt Zoller Seitz: “Guy at the gym went on about how disappointed he was to have paid $30 to see Gravity in 3D then finally said, ‘Wait, I meant The Martian.'” This reminds me of several women I’ve known over the years who’ve expressed interest in seeing a film that I’ve described to them, and I don’t mean briefly. I’ll give them the whole rundown…title, cast, director, plot, visual style, snippets of dialogue…everything. And then we’ll pick a night and I’ll pop in the Bluray, and ten minutes in they’ll say “Oh, wait…I’ve seen this.” If this has happened once, it’s happened at least 20 or 25 times. Only women do this. Even HE’s own Svetlana Cvetko, a serious industry pro, has pulled this a couple of times.