I have too much going on in my life to have paid any more than faint attention to the Casey Anthony murder trial, but in the wake of this morning’s “not guilty” verdict, the man-on-the-street presumption is that she killed her two-year-old daughter Cayley in 2008 but that she got off because of a lack of hard proof and too much circumstantial evidence. Henry Fonda and others have described cause for rendering a not-guilty verdict as “reasonable doubt,” which I generally believed in until this morning.

In God’s eyes the 25 year-old Anthony may be pure as the driven snow, but she sure seems like a fiend and a sociopath and Florida trash to me. The donkeys on the jury having decided against convicting her doesn’t mean she’s innocent. It means they felt they couldn’t convict her according to the rules of the court.

Let no one doubt that Casey Anthony is from the same low-rent gene pool as Octomom and Pamela Smart.

The last time a person this guilty walked away scott-free from a murder trial was when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty by the infamous “downtown jury” personified by juror Brenda Moran (i.e., “Brenda Moron“) who called the damning blood evidence in that case “a whole lotta nothin'”. Casey Anthony will be in the tabloids for months and months to come. She’ll receive book offers, marriage offers…she’s off to the races. And all it took to get to this amazing place in her life was to kill her two-year-old daughter. Just think of the money Casey will soon have, and all the good-looking guys she’ll eventually be having sex with. Maybe she’ll wind up blowing Tiger Woods, a fellow Floridian?

When Anthony dies she’ll be spending several thousand years roasting on a spit in hell, of course, but that’s down the road.