The Playlist‘s Rodrigo Perez has posted a riff and some links about an alleged homoerotic subcurrent in Guy Ritchie‘s Sherlock Holmes. It feels like a dicey presumption, but there’s at least a possibility that Holmes could knock Humpday off the bromance pedestal.

“The dreaded ‘bromance’ term has been brought up several times in discussions surrounding Guy Ritchie‘s action tentpole, Sherlock Holmes,” he begins. “But even more explicit — much to the chagrin of producer Joel Silver, to be sure — are claims from the actors in the film itself, who not so subtly have already suggest the ‘gay’ word in referencing the very-tight relationship between Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his trusty sidekick Watson (Jude Law) Not an appellation you probably want associated with a blockbuster.

Sherlock star Rachel McAdams has already said the film is, ‘kind of the love story, actually. I play supposedly Sherlock’s love interest, but it’s really Watson.”

“In [a] recent interview in USA Today, Jude said the homo-erotic overtones, filthy language, and bare-knuckle fighting are ‘quintessential parts’ of the Sherlock Holmes film (sounds like quite the rollick indeed).

“Or at least that’s how a lot of gay-friendly sites are positioning his quotes, and it’s not the first time. Put in ‘gay’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in Google and you will get plenty of responses. It’s as if the gay community wants to adopt the film as there own.

“And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, and the filmmakers are probably wry enough to acknowledge this too. But Silver and the studio? Hmm…”