Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, 15, attended last night’s Eternals premiere in a dress and looking like (gasp!) a young woman. Which is a switch, right? When she was two Shiloh told her illustrious parents that she wanted to be a boy named John. Kids with wealthy or stable parents do this, of course. They fiddle and faddle around with this or that fantasy or identity. And so Brangelina indulged her.

Now Shiloh is thinking she might be…well, who knows what she’s thinking? But “John” seems to be history.

Friendo: “Looks like little Shiloh is a female after all.”

HE: “Aided and abetted by insane parents, many kids these days decide their gender and sexual identity at very tender ages. Shiloh can always switch back in a year or two.”

Friendo: “I think she’s just outgrown it, as a lot of them do. Which is why parents should wait until after puberty to embrace or approve their children’s gender and sexual identity matters. This, of course, is totally verboten to say in woke circles.”