With Reginald Hudlin and some nondescript white guy named David Hill (kidding) co-producing the 88th Oscar ceremony (airing on 2.28.16) and expectations of diversity being kicked around far and wide, the general suspicion is that Kevin Hart might be offered the hosting gig. Scott Feinberg wrote yesterday that he has “a strong suspicion that Hudlin and Hill will tap Kevin Hart for the job — the comedian has said it is his dream to host, promising to ‘turn that event into a youthful night,’ and I think he would be a brilliant choice who would explode the show’s ratings.” Apart from the constant-microphone-adjustment factor (Hart is 5’4″) and the fact that his stand-up material in Let Me Explain never struck me as even vaguely funny, this sounds like a reasonably decent idea. A punch-up. Something else. Unless he bombs like Chris Rock.

It may sound odd but I turned around on Hart when I saw him in Get Hard, which the grand arbiters of taste have told us is not cool to like. Put me in jail but I not only didn’t mind that film but I found myself warming to Hart as a personallity, as a guy with a certain attitude…whatever.