I’m afraid this is one of those times when I won’t be able to bang out the usual quota. It’s 11:05 pm Sunday in Hanoi (9:05 am in Los Angeles), and we’re leaving tomorrow morning on an 8:15 am flight to Dong Hoi, where we’ll be for the better part of two days. That means a 5 am wakeup and I haven’t packed yet. We’ve just returned from a five-course dinner at Ly Club. This morning I captured seven minutes of GoPro footage of a bike ride through the Old Quarter, but I somehow forgot to pack the upload cord that fits into the camera, and the local GoPro dealer doesn’t sell them — brilliant all around. So I shot the below footage during the cab ride back to the Art Trendy hotel. No GoPro footage until I return to Los Angeles. Time to pack and crash.

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.

Inside Club Ly.

Jett outside Club Ly — Sunday, 3.20, 9:45 pm.