I’ve said many times on this site over the last 14 years that there’s no organized community that’s more foul or diseased or deserving of being eaten by lions than rightwing Christians, and so any time I read anything that more or less agrees with this basic view, I tend to re-post it.

“I have attended dozens of Christian nationalist conferences and events over the past two years. And while I have heard plenty of comments casting doubt on the more questionable aspects of Donald Trump’s character, the gist of the proceedings almost always comes down to the belief that he is a miracle sent straight from heaven to bring the nation back to the Lord.

“I have also learned that resistance to Mr. Trump is tantamount to resistance to God.

“This isn’t the religious right we thought we knew. The Christian nationalist movement today is authoritarian, paranoid and patriarchal at its core. They aren’t fighting a culture war. They’re making a direct attack on democracy itself.

“They want it all. And in Mr. Trump, they have found a man who does not merely serve their cause, but also satisfies their craving for a certain kind of political leadership.” — from “Why Trump Reigns as King Cyrus,” a 12.31 N.Y. Times piece by Katherine Stewart.

Posted on 3.2.17: “Hollywood Elsewhere’s basic view is that (a) compassionate liberal Christians are cool (Jesuits, Franciscans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians) but (b) conservative hinterland Christians are clueless phonies and sanctimonious prigs whose core values and loyalties are aligned with whitebread Republicanism. That makes them vile in my book, especially with Donald Trump steering the ship. May the earth open up and swallow your flock, just like it did in The Ten Commandments, and may the dogs lick your blood.”

Which reminds me: Only seven and a half months remain until celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Hollywood Elsewhere.