Why is an all-but-unrecognizable Liam Neeson the central object in this new-one-sheet for Martin Scorsese‘s Silence? All along the expectation has been that Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver are the co-leads. The apparent answer is that much of Silence is about a search for Leeson’s guiding-mentor character, Father Cristovao Ferreira, by Garfield’s Father Sebastiao Rodrigues and Driver’s Father Francisco Garrpe. The inky shadows and gloom tones obviously indicate somber moods and unpleasant fates. Your typical popcorn-muncher is going to take one look at this and say “horror…got it.” Neeson looks like the boogey man. (Yes, his arms folded behind his back obviously indicate a passive, non-aggressive attitude, but don’t tell me he’s a man of peace and clear light, not with those shadows covering him like a shroud.) And what’s with the waves? All along the Silence stills have indicated the locales will be wooded areas, grassy hills, rural villages, etc.