In my passing-of-Ron Silver piece two days ago I said that “history will not judge him kindly” for becoming a 9/11 Republican and supporting Bush Cheney in ’04. But the final graph in Bruce Weber‘s N.Y. Times obituary, which appeared in yesterday’s print edition, amends this assessment somewhat. Silver’s brother Mitchell tells Weber that the actor voted for Barack Obama last fall.

Mitchell Silver, who lives in Newton, Mass., said that his 62 year-old brother’s “acting awed them, [but] his conservative streak confounded them.” His quote: “Ron’s politics, as far as I know, were not shared by anyone he knew, except for the people he knew because of his politics.” And yet “he told me that he did vote for Barack Obama in the end.”

As HE reader Matthew Morettini notes, “Perhaps he was coming out of his 9/11 haze.”