On 7.6 Bill Simmons said during an ESPN B.S. report with Chris Connelly that he’d caught a screening of Jason Reitman‘s Young Adult, which he says will open in December. Simmons said he thinks “it’s tremendous, and here’s what I really liked about it, other than the fact that it was just well done.

“Remember when we said earlier about Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise and how he needed Jerry Maguire [to do that], and how you watched for two hours…? This is Tom Cruise throwing 98 miles an hour. Charlize Theron has never had a movie like that. Monster shoudn’t be her defining movie…she gained 35 pounds and made herself ugly [for that], and she’s beautiful. She’s never had a really good movie that she was really good in in which she was also beautiful.

“And it made me reevaluate her career…that’s how good I thought she was in it. She knows that you know that she knows she’s beautiful. I’m glad she made this movie. People will feel differently about her after they see it.”