From a Presidential election standpoint, all my life I’ve wanted another guy of this calibre to come along.

Forget the womanizing — I’m talking about intelligence filtered by mature moderation, the cool calculation, the relaxed urban vibe, the not-too-old factor, the measured phrasing, good head of hair, etc. But no one ever measured up. Because of a million factors that fed into our history over the last 57 and 1/2 years, and because you can’t go home again.

But JFK was a superstar, he had the right profile and the right vibe, and we all like guys like this. (Most of us.) As delusional and sentimental as this sounds, I would be delighted if a JFK-like politician (a liberal moderate** who doesn’t feel comfortable with wokesters) was to somehow pop through and run in ’24. A drunkard’s dream, of course.

All to say that I’m genuinely worried about Biden’s re-election chances. Not because of his FDR-like ambitions or philosophy or maturity as a leader, but because a year and a half from now he’ll be 80, and by election day he’ll be pushing 82. Aside from concerns about wokester fanatics I’m as much of a Biden fan as anyone. I don’t know what will happen, but we’re in uncharted territory…that’s for sure. And a sizable percentage of the population (40% or a bit less) doesn’t give a damn about the Democratic fundamentals.

** I realize that by today’s standards JFK was more of a moderate Republican than a Democrat.