I spoke to director Bryan Singer at last night’s cool but over-crowded Howl party, and he told me about a chance meeting and a very long talk he had with ex-president George W. Bush on a jet back from South Korea last October. They talked for roughly six hours (with a nap break in-between), and literally about “everything.” Singer says he’s posted an account of it on his Facebook page along with a photo or two, but I haven’t been verified.

Singer was on his way back from a visit to the Pusan International Film Festival. Bush, who’d apparently given some kind of speech-for-hire in Seoul or wherever, began the conversation by asking Bryan what he did and so on. I couldn’t hear every word due to the incredible noise factor at the party, but I think I heard that Bush told Singer he was an X-Men fan, and that he and Bush ’41 had watched one of the films together.