Six or seven bent-over guys wearing ape-pelts around their shoulders and chests are circling a young woman sitting in their center and chanting the chant that goes “Kong!…konnalong- konnalong-konnalong-konnalongalong Kong Kong!!” and beating their chests with each repetition of those last two syllables. They do this two or three times and then suddenly one of them stops circling and stands up and looks at the others and says, “Wait a minute… something feels wrong…it’s not the same.” And the other ape-pretenders wave their ape arms and tell him to shut up, and then they tell him, “It is what it is, bubba. Peter Jackson’s in charge now, not Merian C. Cooper…deal with it.” And then they resume their chanting: “Kong! Konnalong-konnalong-konnalong- konnalong-along Kong Kong!!” And the dissenter says, “You fools! You’re telling me you would’ve been placated and satisfied if Fay Wray, God rest her soul, had lived long enough to be filmed speaking the famous ending line while standing in front of Kong’s dead body on 34th Street, ‘It wasn’t the airplanes…it was beauty who killed the beast.’ That would have been fine with you guys…you would have been cool with Fay Wray saying that line?”