“It is commonly believed” that the career of Vilma Banky, Rudolph Valentino’s costar in Son of the Sheik (’26) and The Eagle (’25), “was cut short due to the collision of her thick Hungarian accent and the advent of sound; it has also been said that Banky began losing interest in films after her marriage to Rod La Rocque (Rod La Who?) in 1927. By 1928, she had announced her intention to eventually retire. Of Banky’s 24 films, eight exist in their entirety (Hotel Potemkin, The King of the Circus, The Son of the Sheik, The Eagle, The Winning of Barbara Worth, The Night of Love, A Lady to Love, and The Rebel). Her post-Hollywood years were spent selling real estate with La Rocque and playing golf, her favorite sport. She died at age 90 in 1991.”

Middle-Eastern market one-sheet for Allied