Hollywood Elsewhere’s downgraded (i.e., GENERAL press pass rather than EXPRESS) Sundance Film Festival starts today.  Well, tomorrow morning.  Right now I’m Vegas-bound. Southwest Burbank flight about to leave. Sunny skies.  All is well.  Or, you know, good enough.

An older guy in the lounge:  “You look like a musician.”  Me:  “I’m a journalist.”  Older guy:  “Whaddaya think of Trump?”  Me: “I think he’s a beast…an abomination.”  Older guy:  “Did you ever meet him?”   Me:  “Oh, riiight. I haven’t personally met him so I should reserve judgment…is that it?”  Older guy:  “So you preferred Hillary?”  Me:  “I didn’t like her that much, but I voted for her.  It was the only sane thing to do.”