I don’t see how I can justify posting the full-boat trailer for Rick Famuyiwa‘s Dope (Open Road, 6.30) given my posting the teaser on 3.26 on top of reviewing (i.e., half-trashing) it a couple of times during Sundance ’15. I suppose the fact that the trailer is first-rate — nicely cut, timed, shaped and tone-hinted — is justification in itself. My view, to repeat, is that “for all its keep-it-comin’ energy Dope is “a fleet, Tarantino-like hodgepodge of fantasy bullshit in the vein of a New Line Cinema release from the ’90s (i.e., House Party), and adapted to the general sensibility of 2015. It’s fun as far as it goes but definitely not that great. An awful lot of tragically hip critics flipped for it at Sundance.