Today’s screenings, as noted, began with Andrew Rossi‘s Page One: A Year Inside The New York Times, which is tight, absorbing, amusing here and there, zeitgeisty, etc. And media columnist David Carr comes off as a kind of hip samurai poet-warrior.

I then detoured up to the Page One panel discussion at Bing Bar, and then I got a little hung up watching Susan Sarandon play ping-pong. It’s now 7:38 pm and I’ve just come out of Drake DoremusLike Crazy — a nicely sculpted, finely seasoned, up-and-down young love story with intriguing, ultra-watchable performances from Anton Yelchin (who’s beginning to lose his hair…sorry) and Felicity Jones, who seems to be one of those twinkie Tinkerbell-sized actresses.

How do average- or taller-than-average-sized guys make love with women who are in the height and weight realm of average nine year olds? I don’t have a “problem” with guys who do this, but I never could. Too creepy.

Next up, at 8:30 pm, is Sean Durkin‘s Martha Marcy May Marlene. And then I’ll head straight home to put on the earphones and watch a DVD screener of Anne Sewitsky‘s Happy Happy on the Powerbook. And then to bed at a decent hour. Gotta get up extra early for the Oscar nominations.