This is a small correction riff, and by no means a big deal. But Borys Kit and Tatiana Siegel‘s 1.30 Hollywood Reporter story about Bryan Singer possibly standing to reap $40 million from Bohemian Rhapsody starts off with a partly misleading sentence:

“Director Bryan Singer is set to earn tens of millions of dollars off the massive success of Bohemian Rhapsody, despite being fired from the movie mid-production and surrounded by controversy.”

The last time I checked “mid-production” referred to “being in the middle of production” or, you know, not at the beginning or end. In fact Singer was fired off Bohemian Rhapsody toward the end of principal photography, or between early and mid-December 2017.

Principal photography had begun in September 2017. There were roughly two weeks of filming left when Singer was canned. Dexter Fletcher shot this final portion in early to mid January 2018.

Singer was therefore not fired “mid-production” but at the tail end of the shoot. No biggie but chronologies matter.